July is hot!

Actually spent yesterday online after waking up feeling sick. I sat an exam for the third time and I read and reread the questions. I had been going wrong because I read them too literally, but when I stopped doing this I realised there were a few questions they weren’t looking for a specific number of answers! Finally I have proof of my many Safeguarding courses…

Work in progress

Life has been throwing me curve balls and I’ve been catching, but not all of them. This weekend saw an extensive push to getting outdoor jobs finished. Those bags of gravel were sitting unused so I did several loads and covered almost all of the area between the two bays, and it was recycled gravel. We (smallest helped!) ran water over the dirtiest stones and by riddling them got rid of random twigs and roots. Smallest stones fell through on the area of hardcore, so it’s covering different areas with different sizes.

A delivery of two philadelphus (Virginale) have made their way to two prominent places after minimal weeding. These promise beautiful white blossom and are not the Belle Etoile I had in St Albans which I loved. Swayed by the pictures online I’m afraid!

I have really pushed myself this weekend. I do have rest breaks occasionally but I am starting to wonder if I am causing my own insomnia? If I actually sleep during the day I either can’t get to sleep in the evening or I wake really early… it’s a conundrum I swear. The heat doesn’t help. I have given myself near sunburn after an outdoor lunch with friends. Copious aftersun is being applied. Oh peelywally Scottish skin!

Is this crocosmia? No it’s alstroemeria.
Love this dark clematis!
These are not normal dandelions!
Clematis of all different colours!


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