Gravelly morning!

Again my posting for free stuff has its benefits! A friend and her husband have helped me by supplying their unwanted gravel, bagged up and collected in two trips. I believe there may be more if I still want it! I want to create a gravel area next to the house. It is necessary that this area does not allow water to collect and cause damp inside the house and it covers the area of former concrete which the builders dug up for us last year.

I collected 11 sacks and have laid a border using some of the left over slabs from the greenhouse and bedding it on sand we had left over from the kitchen extension. Quite a successful morning if I can be so confident.

There is enough gravel to do a couple of different areas. I’ve sprayed with glyphosphate weed killer under the barrier membrane as I’ve seen how easily couch grass grows through it. This area will be good for pot plants and possibly the planters we have scattered around for want of a proper design.

Slowly adding gravel. Some of it is very muddy and I was going to hose it… but something has jammed the hosepipe end!
This is actually gorgeous and smells nice.

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