Quietly struggling…

Last year saw me fighting an internal plight and this year I have decided to just get on with it! But a wander round our garden in the sun led to me actually feeling overwhelmed. The torrential showers of the last few weeks have been kind to all the vigorous weeds in the garden such that I despair of ever being rid. The thing that look the healthiest are the roses. How could I ever have thought to get rid? I think we have to be more methodical. I didn’t question my hubby when he clipped the gooseberry bush (well he didn’t tell me) and we have a stump and no berries. He gave me the Pruning book, but did he refer to the fruit section?

Our culling in the garden has reached an impasse. The area we live in add a yearly charge for the garden rubbish to be removed. I consider this a cheek and ridiculous. If anything it’s the most recyclable part of our rubbish and we live in a Garden City for the love of all things green. However the council elections saw a change of leadership so maybe this obnoxious charge will disappear? Fingers crossed.

I’ve visited local gardens under the Open Gardens Scheme when I have spotted them. I hope to try and fit some in around Scout camp drop offs this weekend. I have cut down some of my voluntary commitments in order to try and focus on what’s happening in the family, but I don’t see the garden getting transformed soon. I joined a couple of Gardeners World FB groups and the triumvirate of weeds I am currently cultivating look like being omnipresent for the foreseeable. Horses Tail (not mares or dragons) look like being hard work. Bindweed and Couch grass, well they are seen by us and are hidden for now. If I close my eyes I can still see the sun? Optimism needed in spades.

And we are feeding the bugs despite my cull on dandelions?

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