Gardening in patches

We have set to on the overgrown herb garden my mother helped me set up. Ivy had sneaked through the side from the shed and was threatening even the lavender bush. It will take a while to regrow things but we’ve chopped back a curry plant – Lovely but not a hugely helpful herb as we’ve not been adding it to our curries – but the rosemary is huge too, and hopefully clipping the gooseberry bush will improve the crop.

The greenhouse will be reinstated – it’s current usefulness as a laundry stand is only effective if the wind is low. Three loads yesterday were the limit, as we only have one line. (My youngest didn’t think it was a bad idea…) And then on a local FB site yesterday we saw a greenhouse the same size with glass and they wanted less than a new cover for ours will cost – and we pick it up today!

The ivy was taking over…

Fritillary from last year’s bulb frenzy!

Finding Buddha…

We did make a mess yesterday however, it was a beautiful Sunday (we even had ice creams) and lots of lopping means we have rather large piles of cuttings – D suggested we hire a chipper? I quite like the sound of that but I don’t know where to start… – and we have filled the compost bin and turned it several times now, adding the powder I got from the garden society shop. I’ll be popping back for some stakes as we have discussed several uses already.

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