Discombobulated in 2019

It’s only a week into February but things have certainly taken to changing my world, and for the better, as I start a new job in a couple of weeks… so I will be planning and trying to sort out some of the unfinished jobs from last year in a matter of weeks. I had to resign from my Invigilating job and get my childcare sorted at a rate of noughts!

While all that was going on has anyone noticed the wild weather we’ve been having? So wild that I discovered the greenhouse upside down and its contents blown across the garden the other day. But I have also found time to plant the new planters in the front of the house and do a bit of pruning and leaf/moss raking with my daughter and her friend, and buy a few bulbs and rhizomes from my bargain store to get some new flowers started in the front.

I have been bombarded with Garden adverts on Facebook this month and it is obviously monitoring my interests very closely! So I hope to visit a few new places this year, see some bluebells perhaps? We have spotted snowdrops while dog walking at Radwell Meadows.

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