The eagle-eyed spotted that we have a tomato! The tomato plants are definitely coming on. I think they might be cherry tomatoes and I am looking forward to having some.

Baby Tom!
Passionflower is looking happy…

We’ve enjoyed potatoes and I think we will do something with an alarmingly yellow courgette! The veg beds have not suffered under my neglect… except the spinach which grew well but went to seed before much was picked. I have lost interest in cooking and have managed to put on a stone in weight since lockdown started. I blame the uncertainty of the pandemic and losing my sense of optimism. It’s the summer holidays now and we will have to try and get motivated and off computers more! I vow six weeks of change! Starting tomorrow?

Lovely purple flowers on oregano
One of three lavenders doing well…
An ants nest has appeared too!

Seeds for next year…

I am going to sprinkle random seeds soon. It’s been true that something is causing my newly planted plants to be uprooted and I cannot be bothered with going round the garden at all hours to try and find out what will stop it. I don’t know what causes it but in isolation land, I discovered my gardening is not always helping my peace of mind if it gets too repetitive and I don’t necessarily have the energy for twice a day watering. I also don’t have the funds for gardening gadgets or watering systems I have seen friends install and post on Facebook.

Crocosmia (first flowers in a few years!)

Some things are doing very well in their homes but I have to say wet June helped and we’ve not had serious scorching like last year after my trip to Beth Chattos garden. Some of her drought resistant plants didn’t survive – black eyed daisies- but others have thrived – hot lips Salvia – and some of the plants I put in this year after finding stockists online, and reviving very dry plants after elongated postal sojourns.

Grass was needing cut!
This bed has a lot of orange lilies which I can only sit a distance away from. But the wall at the back of the bed will be dismantled to give the new shed room.

I have missed visiting gardens this year, having planned to get to more of my wishlist, but in addition, without getting more work which was also my plan, I am restricted to where we can all go as a family. Everybody has been restricted – kids not getting camps with cubs and scouts, and hubby working long uncomfortable hours in our unconverted shed – not to mention being unable to order sand and lime to lay our slabs. At some point, life will change for the better and I will be in a more focussed position than I have been in. Some National Trust places have reopened, which given the quantity of visitors who go, has to be a good sign? I’ve got a hair appointment, if I could remember when it is, and I told my hairdresser to watch out for my home bleached new look!


There has been a bit of hard work today! Given a 430 wake up from our intrepid scout who was brought inside by the smell of a dead rat… found by the side of a shed (we have a few, take your pick!) she had managed a good few hours of sleep! My bags, however, are deepest purple today!

The grass has been cut, brambles and spiky things excised, and several discussions about shed renovations and purchases and repositioning have been had.

White cosmos- think courgettes will be exchanged with next door!

It’s thirsty work all this gardening and friends exchanging photos from the socially distanced pub make me want to find said secluded spot. But the media has been full of bad behaviour which makes me less inclined to think it a good idea.

I’m still finding my happy medium however as yesterday’s family reunion took it out of me, as it became a longer day than anticipated and then we had the scout overnighter going on simultaneously by zoom.

Hence my editing of areas of the garden needing weeding- a job for another day…

Buddleia in bud.

Feeling invigorated!

I’ve started to feel like I can foresee new avenues opening up again. Lockdown is over, for whatever that means, and I have now worked through two weeks of exams. I have work next week and I have applied for several new things to keep me feeling like a useful member of society again. I have been out in the garden and applied the trimmers to the hedge to cut away the corner of the hedge so the neighbours can see out of their drive.

If we can have some rain free days, like on Sunday, we will be doing some more garden maintenance, making some more changes. Hubby went and purchased a stand today, and before you ask, is that like fork handles, it’s a short stand to cut up logs on. We’ve had lots of logs drying out in the rear/side of some sheds to make firewood with but I knew something was holding us back; the stand will make log cutting safer. We also have lots of extra shelving from blowaway greenhouse to stack cut down logs on? Stuff comes in useful if you hoard it? I also wonder if it got stacked along the walls of a work shed it will add an insulating layer when winter hits. Because I see my husband home working for the foreseeable future, like many others, fingers crossed, if their companies make it through the pandemic unscathed.

Love this astromeria!
Need to add this ivy etc to the green bin…

Life after lockdown is slowly looking like it will start returning; my youngest went to school to pick up her things from the year before homeschool and she felt better for seeing her friends again. She said they sat in hula hoops to keep 2 metres apart! So whoever is making hula hoops will be making it through the pandemic for sure…

I’m sure I planted more than one of these spherocephalum but I think I pulled some up in a vigorous weeding moment…

Clearing Ivy!

My new slabs are being neglected for the home office plans now! A concrete base sat under the littlest shed which was decrepit and overrun by Ivy. That base will form a base for the rejigging of the middle shed to form a more practical potting shed while it will be replaced with something more practical for home working as it looks like the future may encompass more of that. And I have enough cut down to fill the garden bin on Thursday after collection…

Decapitated laurel!

This morning saw me doing weeding and sweeping and decapitating the laurel. It will not survive the footprint of the potting shed, which will have to be swivelled so that the window is on the opposite side of the shed and repairs will have to utilise the best panels kept from the tiny shed. I was visited by Red while pulling up strands and strands of Ivy around those concrete blocks and the apple tree. While ivy seems to grow really well around the base of the apple tree, in freeing it from the base last year we seem to have promoted better apples this year. Here’s to chutney and crumbles this year!

Ivy removal and privet pruned.
Yesterday it was a mess!
Courgettes are flowering!

And today has seen some changes!

We picked up a table from grandmas this morning and spent quite a few hours rearranging furniture so that our own dining table now forms a workspace for our youngest in the hall. Books have been moved and alphabeticized to another part of the house. A shed has been taken down. Another will move to its spot, and a new work shed will be built. So the original plan I had was to lose some sheds and get a home office? Hmm pipe dreams (unless I write a best seller?)! But there was lots to be sorted both in and out today.

But although I describe the table as space for the youngest, we now have more workspace inside, and maybe it can be used by me to try and get some thinking/planning done without the need for hiding in my bedroom. And the rearranging of the shed is definitely a bonus, and it also spurs me on to do a little bit more to the garden to make this possible.

Apples are appearing!
Contents of a shed and lots of things needing binned…

Despite my enthusiasm for the garden beds and the veggies we have grown. I have to admit to not having the patience or the energy for continuous planting and growing vegetables. I love the tastes of homegrown but it’s a lot of work! We’ve done a lot of pruning and that has caused lots of things to grow better. We have some big apples appearing and possibly some gooseberries and rhubarb, so after a day of shifting furniture, tomorrow is for baking!

Little shed will be replaced by bigger shed from behind the garage.
Family task reorganisation of the books…

A select view of Life?

I mentioned before that I try to always be a glass half full type of person, but I apologise if what I feel at the moment is largely angry, depressed and hopeless. If I am honest I can’t even go for a coffee and discuss it with a friend, only meeting people fleetingly on my exercise excursions isn’t the same.

We are having a morning of making plans I think, before taking a run over to grandmas with her 83rd birthday presents. She has been horribly curtailed by C19, as she had a senior adventurers pass to get around Greater London and used it daily until lockdown. We have things to return too as she stayed in February and left behind a handful of her belongings. In return I will take her some brightly coloured flowers for the garden and a pot we picked up from the Best Before Cafe in town. We also got some brownies from The Cakey Lady, which I will advertise as a hardworking family business. (And they were enjoyed by all!)

Lily just flowered!

But working all week (four mornings) has made me feel more positive, and the discussions of shed development has made me feel a bit more positive about life in our little enclave of LGC. Life is good here and we do have lots of projects to start/finish if we can stop spending time on our gadgets. We bought the house as an ongoing project, and the garden is constantly changing with new things in bud. And I know I concentrate on blooms mostly in my photos but that’s because often the flowers grow alongside the weeds! I edit those out…

First (red) crocossmia!
Not sure what this is? First time we’ve seen…