Happy Mother’s Day!

Strange times mean we have to make do. We have planted up the wheelbarrow with a combination of burgundy poppies, dark red hollyhocks, peach foxgloves and purple cornflowers. Great excitement to see what grows.

Gnarly apple tree is the view from the lounger I write this in😊

I hope the many mothers who are in isolation get to spend time digitally or otherwise with their families today. Many are far apart and many are in their own homes being safe. But we send our love to anyone in random places not really knowing whether they can get somewhere safe.

Youngest painted the bench.

Dad fixed new rollers on the greenhouse doors. The bench got a coat of purple paint. Oldest cut the grass and youngest cut some edges. As the first cut this year the battery didn’t last for it all. C’est la vie!

Orange tulips are budding under the apple tree.


Mother’s Day tomorrow and my husband wants to take the girls to see grandma. Plan is to meet somewhere like a park but even though every one seems well I am not super keen. I have had a couple of falls yesterday and today which were unexpected and I am shivering writing this wrapped in my duvet fully clothed. Something’s not right.

The dog is getting a walk but I didn’t feel up to it, which has been twice now. Maybe the digging/shovelling has caught me without a reserve.

Maybe the heating hasn’t kicked in. I have coughed a couple of times but it just felt I had to clear my throat. Maybe I’ll go an watch the end of Ratatouille which is on telly…

Tiring old Saturday…

The gardening job hasn’t done me any harm. I can lift and shovel like the best of them. Three beds are filled, the third one needs maybe 2 more bags of topsoil but it is not bad. I can use that bed for lettuces and herbs this year until we can get some more later on in the year.

Oh how exciting!

3 filled beds…

So we went and got some topsoil and some compost and we have planted onions, garlic, radishes, spinach and some potatoes which had gone to seed in the cupboard. Now I am not sure these will produce anything as they have long sprouts – do they need to be cut off? We went to get some labels and pens (I actually wanted preprinted ones) and squeaks helped me write the labels.

Hosta: how soon will it attract slugs…

I’ve even relegated the wheelbarrow to a new spot filled with compost and I’m going to fill it with Californian poppies, a favourite of mine.

Wheelbarrow in progress…

I did some serious weeding on the gravel path and I spotted the newly planted hostas coming to life. Ooh new things…

And we have soil …

Soil was delivered when I got home from an expedition to a big supermarket and my daughter’s school. She had to clear her locker – we are in for the long haul – she took it as a chance to show off her scar.

Unloading the soil was fun as the tipping truck was a foot too wide. But with some jiggery pokery the sacks of soil slid indelicately into the garden. However it will take several more loads in our rusty old wheelbarrow to fill the beds patiently waiting for their contents.

I managed seven or eight, maybe even nine or ten loads before giving up for a rest. Kids not interested in this job… Pics to follow!


Unprecedented Times…

This distancing thing is tricky. I have been out and picked up some random items which was to be a week‘s worth buying included a large bag of rice, lots of tins and toothpaste. That last was about to run out. I haven’t been close to people at any point that I could touch them, apart from in the little shop I bought the bag of rice. Which we had last night. See stocks aren’t that high of things when you buy ad hoc like we have been doing…

My daughter has to go to her school and clear her locker. I guess that means me driving and sitting in the car? But it may clash with the delivery of the topsoil if it happens today. My husband will have to stop work and open the gates, but at least the car won’t be in the way.

But it’s all a bit scary as I posted this fully written then added two visuals from a friend and it disappeared… so I went out and tidied some more of the garden and cleared the buddleia pruning. Hopefully the brown bins will still be collected? Those cuttings can be put to some biotech use I am sure.

Thanks Patricia!
My favourite colour and fluffy parrot tulips.
Primroses gone mad…
Magnolia taken on our last school walk.

And now we can plant veg!

We worked very hard yesterday. There are now two fully filled beds with topsoil. Both have also been topped up with my bags of potting compost as well. Tomorrow I discussed with Squeaks we will try to get planting, using things we have that get planted straight into the soil.

We have some potatoes sprouting in the cupboard, some shallots, some garlic cloves, chives and radishes. Too many to list any more but I think I am going to mix them up as much as we can to make our delicate seeds as protected as we can. I can see the thought process of my daughter who started asking whether we had any… No! We have what we have and if we find something missing that she craves, well we will have to work out whether it is orderable or we can locate it in a local shop/can send the tween into one of my favourite Woolworths alikes.


Home School…

In isolation so took the opportunity to do some seed planting. We have done quite a few trays and pots with herbs, chilis and vegetables. Helping me today was my youngest and we have plans to do some flowers as well over the next few days.

Broad beans before being covered… random school of planting!
Peppers and chilis

Pleased with our first planting I also added two chocolate cosmos and a white peony into the beds. Starting to feel positive about the selections of plants and shrubs I have added to the garden and feeling excited for what is to come…