My MS limits

I have had MS for thirteen years and the year I turned teen on my MS the world threw endless new rules and restrictions at the UK. It doesn’t really change things for me? As an MSer my world had shrunk a bit anyway so my restrictions are worsened by inactivity so if I worsened this year it was through pandemic-induced lethargy. I think you know I hate the Government, I could be persuaded to move to the Outer Hebrides like a shot and I don’t like rainy days. Lots of paradoxical statements in three paraphrases!

Off season lavender?

It’s a rare non-rainy moment and I pulled myself outside and hauled in the bins after the (mainly recyclable) waste collections. My garden waste bin is now full again so what am I going to do with 2 weeks’ stuff I am so good at pulling down? Mainly spiky stuff and non-compostable waste for sure. It’s a bit repetitive all this and maybe I should run for the council or one of those posts where I can try to change this local stuff?

I cannot stand what is happening in our country and the chances of me getting alternative paid work in the coming months seem slim to non-existent. I could do with some help to whittle down my options?

I am also doing all I can to stay healthy. My weight is rising but I’ve bought some bits to help and give me nutrients.


Outside I still have path, slabs and patios in progress, but it’s all heavy stuff and we are getting less inclined to finish the garden as it’s all hefting stuff about? There are chunks of horse chestnut needing stacked for drying – it’s enough to see us burning our own wood for winters to come. I have certainly got life in me to do some tidying in between the digging and the rain showers. My list has lots on it now, but I haven’t written it down so I just need to be able to discuss what are priorities and what are desires. Getting it done between rain showers is another challenge in the UK.

Halloween approaches and we have pumpkins to draw and scarecrows to build. Maybe I can get the girls to do that? We certainly have lots of cobwebs…