Favourites v Foes

My Plant, Grass and Tree Favourites

• Tulips

• Anenomes

• Acquilegia

• Poppies

• Trees with dark leaves

• Cherry trees with white blossom

• Irises

• Weeping trees

• Salvias

• California poppies

* Dark purple flowers

The things I have:

• Apple trees, old cooking and espaliered eating

• Silver Birches growing from tiny saplings

• Hawthorn x2

• Self-seeded Rowan trees (at least 7 currently)

• Tree stumps trying to grow back to life (ditto)

• Lots of old roses with scents

• Grass areas with wild grass, weeds and moss

• Definite couch grass, mares tail, brambles and bindweed infestations

• Huge clumps of Privet

• Need a pond!

I try to do more than I can do! But if I could eliminate things I would…

Self seeded or ‘inherited’ weeds/plants

* rowan trees

* sycamore trees

* valerian

* golden rod

* acquilegia

* golden rod

* sticky willy

* valerian

* euphorbia

* dandelions