November chills ❄️❄️❄️

Slightly too cold for me and it’s only one day into November! The wood burner was fired up all day today and it has been burning some of our fallen wood at long last! Is this going to do our entire winter season or are we forced to order more fuel? I haven’t got a clue, if I am honest…

And a wet winter’s half-term holiday means cuddles with our borrowed doggie – his owner says he only likes water for drinking! – so we are not keeping him inside against his will! So your fair-weather gardener is not in any danger of getting cold and wet…

Hertfordshire has a later half term than most of the country. I’ve had weeks of holiday pics on my Facebook feed, and we are at home with the Borrowmydoggy canine remember, but it’s been a purse-stretching week nevertheless. I hope to find a job but my searching hasn’t been too extensive this week. I am just being too selective, but after the holiday Invigilating starts up again so I might have a little bit of spending money for Christmas. Austerity measures will see a cutback, like so many across the country.

Can I ask for slabs and gravel? Garden centre vouchers? Semi-serious…

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